About Us

Matty and Kevin at Cursed Child in New York City

The Pedagogy of Harry Potter is a podcast dedicated to discussing best, research-based teaching practices through the lens of the Harry Potter texts.

During my year as a student-teacher, I started listening to the audiobooks of Harry Potter on my drive to and from school. While simultaneously taking grad classes and teaching in the city of Memphis, I could not help but to begin comparing many themes emerging from the fifth book in the series, Order of the Phoenix, with what I was learning in class and noticing in the school system. I began making a long list of all the connections I found between the wizarding world and the education system.

I brought the idea of a podcast to my boyfriend, Kevin, and The Pedagogy of Harry Potter was born. Our hope for this podcast is to continue to grow as professionals in our field through the book series that brought us together. As novice teachers, experts in the field will be featured in every episode to discuss research-based practices, beneficial for any educator today.

Regardless of whether you are an educator, a supporter of quality, equitable education for all children, or simply a lover of Harry Potter, thank you for listening.